I get banned unjustly :( thanks riot

Hello Summoners, I just finished a solo que game where i got banned right afterwards. It started off normal just like any other game but then the adc bans my top pick in champ select. I ask him why? he said because its his smurf and he doesn't care. Alright no problemo i will pick chogath top then mid and adc start arguing back and forth in champ select because he banned my pick and they take it back to the 70s with both of them going disco. Thats right i had a disco singed mid and a disco nunu adc. I think to my self np i will try to play the game little do i know when the game started the whole team goes mid and feeds. Ok....... so i go mid with them since the whole team descided to push mid and aram game ends in 12 mins and then i get banned? Can someone please clarify the ban? Gj riot great game. Goodbye
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