The gigantic ego of some players

So, I dont really play ranked often, I alsmost only play normal draft. Mostly because im scared of the even higher toxisity than in normal games. Im not a good player, I know that. And I also dont only play one champion, I like to try out multiple ones. I also really try to not get toxic and flame players in a game, but of course I sometimes get frustrated. I know im not the best player in the world, im really really far from it. Im level 134 but I mostly play like im level 10. I think realising stuff like that about yourself and your playstyle is one of the most important thing to be less toxic. Now... what I really dont understand though is the gigantic ego so many players have in League. I just played a ARAM. I got Jinx, and although im not good with her, I enjoy playing her. Well the enemy team had a Riven, that really liked to focus me, which is understandable, because Jinx deals a lot of damage. I genereally really dont like Riven, because I personally think, that she is a bit overpowered with her many jumps, high tankyness and high damage. So I got a bit annoyed, which resulted in me writing "riven is balanced lol" in all chat after she just jumped over my entire team infront of me and killed me under the tower. Well after that, I felt like I summoned a demon. The Riven litereally only focused me for the rest of the game using everything just to get more deaths on me. And the chat was filled with messages telling me to stop crying, how great they are and other messages mocking my comment. It seemed like that person really felt personally attacked by my comment. I asked them why they felt so triggered by my comment, to which I got the reply that I am just triggered by their skill and requests to report me. After they won, they continued in the result screen. They told me for example "at least im married nerd" and requested me to join them so they can teach me. Accompanied by a lot of comments how their 13 year old son is apparently a better Jinx player than me and that they can also teach me. And although this is no the first time I experienced a player going completely nuts in chat, this one left me thinking... This person probably has a really really gigantic ego. Which made me realise that probably most of the other people I played with that showed similar behaviour also have a big ego. There are so many people that think they are smarter, better and in general a better human than you in this game, and they dont seem afraid to present that. Im just wondering why are there so many people like this in League? Because it would be impossible for me to act like that, since I almost never feel like im playing really well. And even if I do, I would never brag so much about it, trying to make the other person feel bad so hard. I mean, League is still fun for me, but I feel like people like these kinda just make the community more toxic. What do you hink of that?
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