Judging system

Game 1 Pre-Game crazedlord: pick me jinx crazedlord: what you want? In-Game crazedlord: pls dont be like the khazix crazedlord: jhin crazedlord: let them push crazedlord: lol crazedlord: the premades crazedlord: so? crazedlord: what? crazedlord: dont we have a jungler? crazedlord: and rumble was bot crazedlord: and you say trash botlane? crazedlord: hahaha crazedlord: you won thx to zyra crazedlord: you got fck as cait crazedlord: you crazedlord: lost crazedlord: idiot crazedlord: you are as bad as kha last game crazedlord: another kiddo crazedlord: yeah you are reported crazedlord: always a shit jungler crazedlord: so what? crazedlord: you are so fcking bad crazedlord: thats how you lost lane last game crazedlord: you and your friend premade crazedlord: still won against you crazedlord: always a fcking kid crazedlord: yeah thx to kids like you crazedlord: what gold kid? crazedlord: to low crazedlord: cant ear you crazedlord: ok you to? crazedlord: ok bye crazedlord: and again crazedlord: YOU FCKING LOST crazedlord: YOU SUCK AS CAIT crazedlord: its easy when you get carried by support crazedlord: 2/6 as cait crazedlord: and kassa that sucks crazedlord: sure you did kids crazedlord: what? crazedlord: 2/6? crazedlord: you had zyra support crazedlord: thats how %%%%%%ed you are crazedlord: not paying attention crazedlord: its free lose crazedlord: keep thinking you are good crazedlord: thats how you lose crazedlord: better than both of you crazedlord: just report the premade kids thx Post-Game crazedlord: reort mid and ww I get chat restriction from this??? And nothing happens to the people who flamed and lost games by trolling are you serious?? Literally flamed all game and troll nothing happens to them thanks...
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