Getting Somewhere

So some if you might have not read my previous posts yet, but if you have then you know about my struggle with Riot Support and getting my account back after a false ban 2 days ago. I managed to get somewhere! After getting the automated robot response we all probably got (I got mine from SDpro but it was copy pasted), I got a reply from SDpro telling me that they have a player behavior team in place dedicated to working with these requests, so they need to transfer my ticket! Hopefully thats not just a poor try to get rid of me as I have been "harassing" Riot Support non stop about this. If it isn't, then thats a pretty good step for me! I'll be able to talk to real humans now and not reply bots :D If anyone reading this got a false ban aswell (I doubt many people did, their system isn't usually that bad when it comes to 3rd party stuff but I think something messed up for me) then dont give up! Keep trying if you really deserve your account back and you didnt do anything wrong, because Riot are still people and they DO listen but you just need to know how to get to the right team :) Thanks for giving me a chance to talk to you about this Riot, I really do appreciate it :D Good luck everyone! Ill keep updating about my situation, I already started playing on my smurf which is lvl 10 but its not nearly as fun as my main account :/
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