I'm done

I used to love this game! I still do, But Dynamic ruined it for me! As a Solo Q player, and a person with social anxiety, I can't make friends at all! But anyhow, this has nothing to do with the game itself, What makes me sad, Is going around as a solo player, getting matched with group of 5s and 4s! Dynamic ruined the experience of this game for me! Flat out ruined! People say That the rift is less toxic??? I've been tilted more times in dynamic that I can ever count since season 1! All I can say is this, the game is taking a path, that many people won't follow! This was a game I could barricade in from real world! to release the stress from work, and personal issues! but right now! It makes me angrier! I know this post won't do shit! But I just wanna you guys to know! that I loved this game and this community! And I hope it stays strong for ever! But unfortunately I can't keep going! I'm going to look for a game, that can give me my FUN and Release of stress back! (Type on this post games u like or anything) And Good luck in the rift guys! Much love to Y'LL <3 TLDR: Leaving the game, cause Dynamic Q, and looking for a new game! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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