Dear premades

Hey, I'm a player who plays mainly normal blind pick. usually when I queue up I'm with several players ranging from 3-5 usually. But when I'm not I sometimes get matched with 4 man premade (everyone else except me being in the party). Usually that's fine with me that doesn't affect me I'll just call my role so on and so on. sometimes I get these people who aren't so pleasant and use the fact that they are 4 man premade as an leverage to get their roles and such. Let me give you an example: I queued up and accepted the match, I call adc before anyone else did. Then my premades say that they are 4 man premade and one of them is going adc. Now since I called it first, I think the role should be mine. Now I get threatened that I will get reported if I lock in. I ended up having to go mid lane. Dear premades before you do this to a person, I want you to imagine that he just had awful day his girlfriend broke up with him, his mom died. Now he just wants one good game where he gets the role he wanted to play. Here's the champion select chat (I removed the summoners names and replaced them with champion names). Me: adc Bard: adc Garen: top Draven: ADC Draven: DRAVEEEEEEEN Me: I called Me: adc first Kha'Zix: jngl Bard: premade bot Me: Dude Me: I called adc first Me: WTF Bard: or 4 report Draven: we are premade Draven: go mid Me: And? Draven: jihn mid (I'm the Jhin) Draven: is good Me: It doesn't matter Draven: trust me Me: I called it first Me: I'm adc bard: u suck Me: That's how it works Garen: like cookies Bard: that how zamknij morde Kha'Zix: thats true adrianłysyXD Me: Why don't you go draven mid? Draven: xD Bard: withey can Bard: but u have small bens Bard: this my boy Garen: lol Draven: cosue we are premade Kha'Zix: why u CANT GO MID Bard: gtfo mid go jhin Jhin: cuz Kha'Zix: CUZ WHAT Draven: can u understand it Me: I called adc first Kha'Zix: CUZ I SAY Kha'Zix: FIRST Kha'Zix: AHAHAHHA Kha'Zix: I SAY FIRST Garen: little benis go mid Kha'Zix: IMM KIDDO Kha'Zix: CUZ I SAY FIRST Kha'Zix: FIRST Kha'Zix: FIRST Kha'Zix: HALLO Kha'Zix: IM FIRST Draven: dASFRRASDF Kha'Zix: U SEE Draven: D Garen: HALO KARTUS HALO ULTI Kha'Zix: IM FIRST Thank you for spending your time reading this post. With the help of you we can make league of legends a better place for lonely people. P.S. I'd like to apologize for my grammar mistakes, punctuation and especially my placement/lack of commas.
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