Fine. We have a feeding adc who is trash. Can't carry. Alright. 4v5. NO PROBLEM. This should NOT be the time to just give up. Who knows how next game is? It could be worse, maybe you would even get a worse team. But no. Here is the mentality of the community:- _"Mid lane is feeding." "Jungler types in chat: OMFG feeder midlane. gg wp ff20." "Bot lane adc is bad so the support starts typing all game about how bad the adc is instead of focusing on winning the game as other lanes are doing well!"_ OR EVERYONE JUST STARTS A FLAME WAR! BASICALLY when a problem is created. Majority of the players FOCUS on the PROBLEM. Why? I don't understand because WE ARE SUPPOSE TO BE FOCUSING ON THE SOLUTION! AND THE SOLUTION IS NOT SURRENDERING! ITS FIGHTING AND DOING YOUR BEST! GETTING BETTER AT THE GAME AND LOOKING AT HOW YOU COULD HAVE CARRIED HARDER BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT IN %%%%ING DI%%%%D ELO!!! OR HIGH PLAT SO ITS YOUR FAULT! When your team is TRYING to win, you do your best to help your team instead of getting angry and ruining the game for 3 other players who are actually TRYING! You can sit under your turret and defend while the enemy tries to fight you and then you wait for them to make a mistake and BOOM! teamfight won! GAMES CAN TURN AROUND!!!! Enough of the rant. I genuinely feel that this absolute trash mentality is the main reason why league is so toxic, so stupid and can really be a very unrewarding experience no matter how much you try to carry your team or how good your own mentality is. Because by the end of the day, you cannot control what 4 randoms on your team can do.
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