Deserved Permaban¿

Hey guys, I got permaban after this game (Only reform card below) and I would like to know if you think its fair. ********EDIT: I attached the Gyazo to show you guys its just the one game in the reform card. ********* EDIT 2: So I have news on this. I was chatting to a Rioter for about 20 minutes. He confessed to me that it was a NO for him, he checked my account history and he thought this was 100% unfair . But Riot policy wouldnt allow him to do anything about it, he literrally apologised to me. So yeah, all of you who were telling me a deserved it, you were wrong, but not even someone in Riot could help me. Peace. [3:47] Janna: love afks in early [4:15] Janna: thats why you have 10 cs in 4 minutes [4:18] Janna: and we are under leveld [5:56] Janna: im done bot [6:08] Janna: why you trade [6:37] Janna: :D [9:01] Janna: ff [9:03] Janna: open [9:21] Janna: ? [9:34] [All] Janna: solo dies mid, calls for bot report LMAO [10:34] Janna: 4 minutes [12:07] Janna: xD [12:39] Janna: should have [12:41] Janna: dodged [13:12] [All] Janna: he just flames everyone else lmao [13:57] [All] Janna: actually , he is the one who spams chat , so i think he is the mad one [14:02] [All] Janna: i dont give a shit about this game [14:21] [All] Janna: 0 3 0 talks [14:40] [All] Janna: i spam ping because u trash talk [14:49] [All] Janna: i got a kill and you didnt haha [14:55] [All] Janna: assassin " [15:09] [All] Janna: you cant [16:05] Janna: you dont play assassins but you pick fizz top? [16:07] Janna: interesting [16:46] Janna: i cant understand your english [17:00] Janna: i mean [17:17] Janna: i get and afk adc and i get blamed [17:29] Janna: while you all lost lanes [18:31] Janna: i think 0 4 0 is pretty bad [18:36] Janna: 0 kill particpattion [20:15] Janna: well [20:16] Janna: well [23:35] Janna: gg I know this looks like every other post complaining about permaban, but I really want to get your feedback on this. I had a 2 week suspension a few weeks before this permaban, in and I got from honor locked to honor 1 checkpoint 2. Then I got permaban because of this chatlog. I can too, provide you with the 2 week suspension chatlogs. They are pretty similar to this chat. Regards, Moonblast. *******EDIT 3 Please find below the screenshots of my conversation with Riot support, it took long because i had to edit it for a while.
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