One attempt to ruin tanked game should be already bannable

I don't care if someone has bad game. If he wants to release anger he can do that in normals when people doesnt lose hard earned points. Just right now I lost the match that couldve been won. Just because our Cassiopeia has taken a decision to troll. She got sht on in lane. Blamed jungler of course. Beside that she overextended and got ganked by pantheon ult (and she was warned about it thousand times) she still blamed everyone else. Then she sold all ap items. Bought stattik shiv and proceed to die over and over. OF course this guy will still do whatever he wants. I also ignore the fact he has a high winrate on champs he didnt play lately at all and sux completely on every other champion, which implies he is clearly boosted. Of course I suppose the volunteers will say Its just my imagination as always and will try to discredit the facts or even delete the thread. Players like this Cassiopeia are never ever banned. I had a huge list made of nicknames of trolls I encountered in the game. Yes they were intentionall feeders - players who got mad for no reason or just lost the lane and started to do anything they could to lose the game. These players were not banned ever. They had trolling sprees of games they ruined. Riot doesnt care nor ban intentionall feeders. They try to justify these players with "bad day", because these players buy RP. Let's give you an example. Person 1 kills someone. Then the court says he had a depression and had really bad day so he should not be punished(mainly because he is a good source of money and can attract more sources - friends/players). This is how it looks like with Riot's punishment system. Players who should be punished, get away with it because they are the way Riot earns money. Its not enough for them to get money from people who really supported them. Now they are bringing all kind of kids,flamers and trolls to get their parents money. The greed of Riot is killing this game.

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