Randomly pointing out.

The ban messages say "Everyone deserves respect", so... isn't people downvoting and bashing/shaming banned people on the forum disrespectful? If we follow the logic of the messages, a vast majority of the people in the boards need to be perma banned for being mean/hateful and disrespectful towards others who were punished. No seriously. The term "You deserved it" or "Good riddance" is absolute next level of disrespect and lowering standards of the community of a whole. I really don't think the messages "Vast majority of the community considers" and "Everyone deserves respect" are placed correctly in the ban tickets :D What do you folks think? Except that half will say "You deserved to be banned" and pretty much prove my point :p Should Riot just ban anyone who has even a tiny symptom of negativity? Does this mean that pretty much everyone is toxic in one way or another? What about a new Lux or MF skin, just for the lolz? Discuss!
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