Does Riot even moderate EUNE?

I think we all know that EUNE is the most toxic servers you can play on on League, but i really just have to ask, does Riot really do anything about them? The amount of toxicity and harassment there is off the charts, in my last 30 games or so I'd say I only had one game where I had a friendly team while playing bot lane with Soraka as Teemo and the rest I'd instantly use /mute all from the amount of toxicity in this game and the amount of negative attitude that just leads into an immediate lose It would be clear that reporting these people actually makes an affect when people stop threatening to report you and calling you names just because you had one bad game (and the lose is usually by my team feeding or not helping each other at all), however, right now the fact that you can have 4 players every game for 29 games and all of them are toxic means that Riot doesn't care about EUNE and doesn't impose harsher punishments on them League of Legends becomes a luck based game where you have to sit back and hope that the enemy team is toxic to each other to win or your own team will be the toxic one that flames each other and screeches "REPORT WW, REPORT LUX, REPORT TEEMO" for the entire game instead of actually playing the game I know a lot of people say that I should just play on EUW because it's less toxic but I have spent way too much time on my EUNE account that I can't start again from scratch plus I can't afford or have any means of buying RP to switch my account to EUW because of where i live, i say this just in case someone replies to this and says this again because believe me a lot of people told me to play on EUW instead So, Gonna ask this again, Does Riot actually do anything about EUNE players? If no, close down the servers, seriously, just close it since the game is unplayable on there, or you know.. just start doing your job Does Riot punish players for reporting people falsely just because you're salty/toxic/don't know how to play the game? If no, make it punishable and be harsh about it
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