No salt. Just help me understand.

Game 1 SimpleInsanity: lovely lane swaps pl premade SimpleInsanity: fantastic lane swap SimpleInsanity: amazing SimpleInsanity: u guys are fucking jokes SimpleInsanity: stfu dude. 2 ganks 2 kills the the pl guy SimpleInsanity: wpo kass SimpleInsanity: everyone has luck in this game? SimpleInsanity: 10 min surr SimpleInsanity: they lane swap ... SimpleInsanity: he wins vs kass i win vs aatrox SimpleInsanity: yeah so funny. ur mid / top didnt deserve win SimpleInsanity: sure. lane swap SimpleInsanity: worst fucking game ever SimpleInsanity: mid open end this SimpleInsanity: yeah. we wouldve win too if they DIDNT SWAP SimpleInsanity: also they had a jungler SimpleInsanity: we didnt SimpleInsanity: ashe nice skin SimpleInsanity: ah. ur too poor for skin SimpleInsanity: sry man SimpleInsanity: report ashe spam all fucking game SimpleInsanity: report urself lol. ur the toxic one here. SimpleInsanity: say ty to diamond janna for carying u SimpleInsanity: ofc i cry. i lost to pl premade. SimpleInsanity: somewhere where ppl dont lane swap like pussies SimpleInsanity: and somewhere where i got a jungler SimpleInsanity: rly? u did 3 ganks so u can help kassadin win SimpleInsanity: sorry for not 1 vs 2 with kayle SimpleInsanity: no. a lane swap and no jungler SimpleInsanity: oh talking is considered flaming? SimpleInsanity: nais SimpleInsanity: im not afk SimpleInsanity: i type SimpleInsanity: u see me afk? SimpleInsanity: and why would i play. game was lost anyway SimpleInsanity: wtf is wrong with u janna SimpleInsanity: is funny how janna was flaming ashe at minute 2 SimpleInsanity: ,3 SimpleInsanity: gg SimpleInsanity: gg wp Permabanned after 1 game. I said the word fucking 3 times, they were permanently flaming me saying im elo boosted. I get perma ban. Im not here to throw salt or cry. I want to understand. Im more like sure their accouns are perfectly fine after flaming me for 30 minutes on team chat but mine is gone cause i said the word "fucking" three times. Why.
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