We need a better way of showing the players what to use and what not to in the chat

So recently I was banned because I wrote 2 times in the chat the short version of kill yourself. I didn't understand how big of an issue that is until I posted it on boards. Now many people are hating on me and I didn't even know that it is offensive in the first place. I come from eastern Europe, Bulgaria to be more exact, where we are on 3rd place on non natural deaths. By far I've made 3 suicide attempts because I was bullied, abused almost in clinical depression. None of that time I was suicidal and still, I did not understand that someone would kill himself over a game. I know what it is to be abused and never thought that someone you don't know, never met, whose thinking you don't understand and you don't like can drive you to suicide. After all I got called to kill myself everyday and nowadays after I'm out of my depressive episode, I'm just used to people telling me to kill myself. Enough about my story, now about the theme. The players need a better way of knowing what statements not to use. I didn't know that, and as you see I got banned. Don't ignore that League is played from people all over the world and people in 1 continent may have totally different viewpoints if something is offensive. Something that is a joke in Bulgaria may be something you could get killed for in UAE. Something that's offensive in Bulgaria might be a joke in Germany. Also different people have different viewpoints on everything. We should get strong rules on what to use and what not to in the chat, or there will be much more cases like mine. If there is already something showing what statements not to use in the chat, I would really love to see it. Not only for my sake, but for friends too.

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