Reporting trolls in champ select

As everyone knows there are some people who troll in champ select in (ranked) games. For example: Someone is a midlane annie main. They get autofilled jungle. They type in chat ''I am going mid annie idc''. Now I (the one who is assigned mid) write ''I am mid, and I can't play jungle..'' I lock in my midlaner. And the troll locks in their midlaner. I wait to see if they will dodge...but they don't. Now; obviously I know what I have to do. * I either adapt to this troll and play jungle; a role I am not good at. * Or I just dodge the champ select and lose -3lp / or perhaps 20 lp / or in promos I lose a full game The point being here: they get away with this when they are clearly grieving. I just get frustrated by this. And I think there should be a way to also punish these trolls.
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