Not giving a f*ck about team comp is way more toxic than trying to win the game with a bad attitude

>Get into 3rd Ranked promo game >Get autofilled as ADC (a.k.a. the hardest role to carry with at low elo) >First pick gets Akali mid. >Enemy gets Ryze >Second pick gets Karthus top. >Enemy gets Pyke. >I facepalm myself into oblivion since i see our last pick hover to a Shaco in jungle. > Enemy gets Hecarim jungle. >I politely ask him to get something else since we need a Tank or at least something that can initiate good. >Refuses me and acts cocky. >Our support then gets Soraka even tho he sees that we are going to lack a tank. >Kind of flip out on them since they didn't care a single bit about our teamcomp. >Game outcome goes as i predicted with Shaco being utterly useless and feeding to oblivion, and us having to stall most of the time cause of no one being able to initiate. >Everyone goes full crybaby mode and they spam surr votes. Make them acknowledge the fact that I was right and they should have picked something else. Also flip a little bit on them since they were trying to argue against the obvious. >Get called toxic. Everyone in my team calls out for the enemy team to report me for being toxic. This toxic bs is like calling people racists nowadays for anything. How is me trying my absolute best to win the game while yes, having a negative attitude toxic but them not giving a single sh*t about the team comp not toxic. I even bloody asked nicely for them to think a little and switch their picks. No fcks given. But hey, im toxic.
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