Same addicted subject here again...

So it's getting worse,now Im shouting loudly when Im angry at the game or whats even worse,hitting-up my table with my knees and as a result my knees get hurt every time,and in other life activites Im still okay,but when iI get into a game it's lke a monster in me awakes and tries to destroy everything around him(and doesnt care about it's human container) if sg goes wrong in the slightest bit.And so at those time Im looking,acting and maybe I am a psychopath. Maybe it sounds drastic,but I really don't know how to let go of the game and just begin to laugh at the stupidity of this monstrocity of abomination in programming. So yup,long story short I need anger managment advice,I need it a lot... {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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