Intentionally trolling duo on ranked (riot wont punish us anyway)

Today we had 2 players on our pick selection, trolling started there, both of them (premades support and mid) banned champs that our team picked and when our top told them to fk off (and it looked like they were prepared and waiting for it) the trolling started. They picked normally malza mid and morgana support BUT morgana took smite. At the start of the game (i was adc) we assisted our jungler with blue with one exeption... morgana smited it from him. after that she came to lane and hardcore farmed (built W, smited big minions) and that went on WHOLE LANING PHASE! in the mean time malza kept explaining they can do whatever they want since noone can tell them how to play, and riot wont punish them for picking summoners or smiting blues as that is their right! now, on my 1st account i got perma banned for "flaming", yeah i was rude but i wasnt hardcore flamer and i learned form it and now im getting keys for good behaviour. but kids like those ruin the game and they get away from it since enemys like it... they dont think for a sec that they got the free win anyway and that they should still report and at least do something to prevent players like that to be on their team next game. (enemy support for example said "better support won the game" at the end). so they clearly acknowledged their trolling but still refused to report for a single reason - they got free win on ranked - . I personally think trolling and afking is much much much and i cant stress it enough much worse offense than flaming (which in most cases is not even flaming) since you can just mute the flamer and play on normally but looks like riot doesnt do a thing about that... I keep reporting trolls (i am silver 4 and trust me there is an intentionally troll in at least 20% of the games) and i never get that message that reported player was punished. At the end of our game we were winning, picking off enemys and when they saw that we are going to win morgana went perma bot and malza perma top, they refused to come to group, refused to push or defend all they did was farm their own lanes untill enemys pushed as 5 and finished, they refused drakes, refused barons all they did is stick to their lanes and forced a loss on us. i really hope riot reads this and does soemthing about it... i have replay downloaded and screenshots after the game where they laughed in our face and told us "you cant do anything we can do anything we want as long as we dont flame and riod wont do a thing,.." and sadly thats the truth and thats the reason many of people i know IRL quit this game and wont ever come back to it.
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