Worst Kind of Unsportmanlike behaviour

I just played a game where my role was hijacked during champ select. I understand that its preseason and I understand games are not taken seriously during this time. But this honestly feels like the worst kind of troll. I dont care about the champions other people play and in what role they play in, as long as theyre trying to win. To each their own, because everyone is allowed to enjoy their games. But when it comes to a point where their actions ruin the experience for someone else, its a worse situation. I felt like I had no control over the situation, it actually feels like a hostage situation and its not a pleasant feeling. at least if someone is in the game doing questionable things, you have some power over the situation since you can farm and still enjoy yourself even if the game is a certain loss. but when your role is hijacked and you cant even play because of their disruptive behaviour, i just cant explain how bad it feels. its not even preventable during champion selects. this has to end
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