My experience in Draft Pick to Riot & The Eune community. Farewell draft pick forever.

So the day before yesterday i got some premade that kept feeding none stop, i was with good score (don't remember which game since i played a lot) then they kept asking to report me, since enemy team started to be toxic i had to mute all. very bad experience huh? muting everyone is a real bad feeling. Just because of that i spend all day only on blind pick, since its more chance to get (normal players) that saying GGwp when we get a lose. Today i got this 3 premades i was blitz on botlane with kai'sa against Ashe & lulu, though it was better to pick a mage or something but she insist me to pick a real support so i choosed blitz to not make any problems, Kai'sa gaved ashe first kill, ashe went back and bought items, and then the snow bully started. Now kai'sa start to blame me for her own mistakes, then wukong telling me suk my dik, then fizz kept saying you are reported for troll and flame. Anyway, i didn't flame or anything, nor did i harassed anyone, thats why im clean and not afraid. i reported them, but im pretty sure that nothing gonna happen to them, cause god knows Riots is doing what it want, it no matter if a player got harassed or got a toxic team, it only matter if they kept their behavior. ANYWAY, the only experience i got in Draft pick since last patch, was even feeders premade that have no clue what they are doing. or even toxic premades that blame you if they lost (OR not honoring you if they won). Draft pick in Eune is shame as %%%%, i wont touch it anymore, NOT Even in the morning, i hate draft pick forever now, if i ever play draft pick or you saw me there, call me a gay. i will never play draft pick in Eune again, since i know how to manage my lane against any champ (if i picked the lane pick) not like ezreal mid. Farewell draft pick forever.
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