Are you happy with the teams you play in Solo Queue?

Hey Summoner's, i wanna know if it's just me or you also don't like the teams you have to play with.. Sometimes they start flaming even in the champion select saying things like "if u flame me this game i'm afk" and they are the ones flaming the whole game. Why we have to play with guys like this? Wasn't it better if they play all together and fell in themselves what they made other people fell? I think this is the unique way that we have to stop this, people who talk more than X words play all together, players with less than X words play all together, and players between X and X words play all together. I know i can mute them but it's a team game, i think it's better if we can talk with others, at least give some information and don't fell like we are playing alone. Thanks to you who read everything, have a nice day {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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