Unwarrented Chat Restriction

Game 1: I had a Trolling 0-10 TF I believe who was flaming our jungler. Our botlane brand who was flaming our jungler and our jungler who was flaming our mid/bot. Pre Game Lobby: Pandaskh: top In Game: Pandaskh: top ez gank Pandaskh: no flash Pandaskh: tf Pandaskh: ur solo losing lane Pandaskh: me too? Pandaskh: i just solo killed Pandaskh: 0-4 talk more Pandaskh: stop trash talking Pandaskh: and play Pandaskh: u toxic af Pandaskh: did u nd u not see talonot see talon Pandaskh: hop over wall? Pandaskh: zhao didnt u see talon hop over? Pandaskh: cause i saw him Pandaskh: thans why i came towards u Pandaskh: maybe first time zhao Pandaskh: first time jungle Pandaskh: first time lol Pandaskh: stop flame [All]Pandaskh: sad game [All]Pandaskh: feeding toxic mid [All]Pandaskh: brand toxic flame [All]Pandaskh: 2-8 adc [All]Pandaskh: ahh 4 top now [All]Pandaskh: nice [All]Pandaskh: still 4 top? [All]Pandaskh: dont talk to me like ur good trundle [All]Pandaskh: u die 1c1 twice [All]Pandaskh: after having lead [All]Pandaskh: :) Pandaskh: just stop talking guys Pandaskh: ur all bad [All]Pandaskh: do u see my team trundle? [All]Pandaskh: 0-10 mid [All]Pandaskh: 6-14 bot [All]Pandaskh: 0-6 0 pressure or gank jungle Pandaskh: u cant be banned for being bad Pandaskh: im legit gonna report all except dravenm Pandaskh: u 3 have just been all toxic [All]Pandaskh: report brand, tf, zhao toxic [All]Pandaskh: yes Worst thing I said was "youre all bad" and posting scores of the people being toxic and trolling, asking enemy team to report. Game 2: Pre Game Lobby: Pandaskh: mid Pandaskh: adc Pandaskh: i call adc before u :=) In Game: Pandaskh: did raka flash Pandaskh: or cait Pandaskh: cait no heal Pandaskh: nah they flashed when i ulted Pandaskh: so they are down 2 summs Pandaskh: why our jungler top Pandaskh: there is legit 0 reason to be top Pandaskh: with no teemo [All]Pandaskh: ur fault [All]Pandaskh: type at base [All]Pandaskh: ok zed Pandaskh: ur legit doing nothing fidd Pandaskh: go let irelia split Pandaskh: and u come join team instead Pandaskh: hahah dam ur toxic Pandaskh: reported Pandaskh: lol [All]Pandaskh: reporet fiddle [All]Pandaskh: toxic Pandaskh: nice smite [All]Pandaskh: report fiddle as well This game Our jungle fiddle was just afk splitting top not doing anything. I Didnt call him names, I didnt flame him, I just said your not doing anything top, let irelia split instead and you can join us mid/bot. and he started to flame me, be toxic against me and said things like im an ugly person, that my mom was his girlfriend etc etc. Game 3: Pre Game Lobby: Pandaskh: m,id In Game: [All]Pandaskh: hello my dudes, lets have a good non flame non toxic game Pandaskh: ye this lane so aids Pandaskh: zed Pandaskh: ahh i see its going well bot Pandaskh: i cant do shit vs zed mid Pandaskh: ty [All]Pandaskh: zed beats ahri tho ez [All]Pandaskh: i got my graves flaming every1 atm Pandaskh: maybe come mid graves? zed survives 100hp Pandaskh: ok [All]Pandaskh: just report graves after game [All]Pandaskh: 1 combo [All]Pandaskh: 60% Pandaskh: ur not oging dmg? Pandaskh: ???? Pandaskh: im just curious Pandaskh: jesus Pandaskh: so defensive Pandaskh: yes 2-7 j4 [All]Pandaskh: some korean shit Pandaskh: fun fact, bot has almost averaged 1 death a min this game [All]Pandaskh: jebaited Pandaskh: ik Pandaskh: yes yes keep complaining in a lvl 10 game graves Pandaskh: they have averaged a death a min bot Pandaskh: same goes for u :) Pandaskh: but u built wrong sadly Pandaskh: io do believe, tri/black cleaver into gage is better my friend [All]Pandaskh: gg wp [All]Pandaskh: report darius graves toxic This game I didnt play well vs zed mid and he got a bit strong. Rest of team wasnting doing well either so it was a losing game. Here I am being constantly flamed by the darius top and the graves jungle. they were just flaming and flmaing me. worst thing i did this game i guess was point out that bot lane averaged 1 death per minute at the 23 min mark and told darius it was better to build tri/black cleaver into gage instead of full 100% tank. I dont get how I get chat restrictions for these games.
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