Swearing ? huh

**Do you love to swear in ranked ? :D** If you do that post is for you, did you know 80% of the people who swear are not doing it right ? Today I'll teach you how to swear properly so you can not only express your feelings and not get caught by the report system but also to make the person you are targeting laugh rather than provoke him to fight. Players who swear properly win 30% more games Use caps lock for better performance & here are some examples: > - {{champion:16}} **You were born and raised in pony land and you were kicked out because you are f#cking goat** > > - {{champion:6}} **Urgot have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately ? Or you broke it again ?** > > - {{champion:13}} **Ryze take that scroll and stick it in your a%s you dumb f#ck > ** > - {{champion:30}} **They said you are always death Karthus but I didn't believed in that until you went 0/10/0 you son of #@$%** > - {{champion:30}} **Your ult is the only thing you didn't missed this game** > > - {{champion:31}} **They said you can eat the world Cho, just wonder how would taste with you in the enemy stomach > ** > - {{champion:62}} **Wukong you are ulting just like monkey 360 degree 1 mile away from our enemies** > > - {{champion:112}} **Aboard mid lane, system failed, enemy Yasuo 5/0/1** > > - {{champion:53}} **Bliz have your battery run out, because if not I am pretty sure the person who created you is a left handed** > > - {{champion:236}} **Your amazing skills are the reason why we still experiment on black people** For the moderators who will remove this post please enjoy the content first :D
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