Hi! I am a League of Legends player!

https://i.ppy.sh/34aad94bfdb2e4269d71205f4eb414a66eb4c9cb/687474703a2f2f66696c65732e67616d6562616e616e612e636f6d2f696d672f69636f2f7370726179732f353464383733336563326135302e706e67 - I am always the best and my teams are always retarded - I want Riot to ban everyone else for flaming and trolling me - It doesn't matter if I troll or wish everyone cancer, I don't deserve to be banned, cuz I'm not toxic. - I get rekt by noob champions and I demand Riot to nerf them - I don't need to learn how to play vs those champs, they are OP and broken, and they must be nerfed, cuz I say so - I deserve Challenjour - I am always right about everything. Sad that you are always wrong ;) - I cry about BOTs feeding in Twisted Treeline and ARAM, cuz I hate feeders, they must get cancer and get banned - I main adc - My supports are always retards. They never protect me when I go all in at lvl 1. They should get banned for being noobs. - Junglers never "gang". They should get banned for being noobs. - I like Dynamic Queue cuz it prevents boosting and I can play with friends who are not retards - I got to Platinum V! I am finally HIGH ELO! - I always report feeders, trolls and noobs to the Boards. - Tyler1 did nothing wrong! - I always have to wait in queue for 5 minutes! Wtf is that?? I want a game immediately! Fix your system Riot! - RUN IT DOWN MID! {{champion:119}} https://i.ppy.sh/34aad94bfdb2e4269d71205f4eb414a66eb4c9cb/687474703a2f2f66696c65732e67616d6562616e616e612e636f6d2f696d672f69636f2f7370726179732f353464383733336563326135302e706e67 Thank you people of League of Legends. You made this post possible. Thank you for all the laughs you've given me since Season 2. PS: Nope, I'm not quitting. I'm not going anywhere https://i.ppy.sh/34aad94bfdb2e4269d71205f4eb414a66eb4c9cb/687474703a2f2f66696c65732e67616d6562616e616e612e636f6d2f696d672f69636f2f7370726179732f353464383733336563326135302e706e67
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