hehe banned for sarcasm

In-Game Zóokeeper: WHY Zóokeeper: ARENT Zóokeeper: I Zóokeeper: IGNITING Zóokeeper: ANYONE Zóokeeper: Just farm it Zóokeeper: why are u diviign them Zóokeeper: i said farm it and ur dicving them Zóokeeper: WHY Zóokeeper: IS MY Zóokeeper: SUPPORT Zóokeeper: MID Zóokeeper: WHY Zóokeeper: so Zóokeeper: SO Zóokeeper: so you throw the game Zóokeeper: cuz of words Zóokeeper: good one Zóokeeper: grow balls Zóokeeper: paly correctly Zóokeeper: not stupidly Zóokeeper: not even toxic Zóokeeper: nice support Zóokeeper: so good Zóokeeper: very good player Zóokeeper: playing role correctly Zóokeeper: wp Zóokeeper: gg Zóokeeper: what a insane support Zóokeeper: insane plays Zóokeeper: wp Zóokeeper: dude Zóokeeper: your insane support Zóokeeper: insane support Zóokeeper: how does he %%%%ing do it Zóokeeper: so ez Zóokeeper: HOW DO I DO IT Zóokeeper: hehe Zóokeeper: sems ur having issues Zóokeeper: GET EM Zóokeeper: INSANE SUPPORT Zóokeeper: insane Zóokeeper: good job alistar Zóokeeper: your such a good support Zóokeeper: see how u won Zóokeeper: b Post-Game Zóokeeper: so Zóokeeper: doesent mean he should throw the games Zóokeeper: cuz im sarcastic Zóokeeper: re-evaulate yoruself if you think losing LP is less important then calling me a flamer Zóokeeper: need to grow up Guess ill see the acc in 14 days
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