Is this a fair ban?

Game 1 In-Game useonename1: bussdown useonename1: i did useonename1: if you helped taking the wave useonename1: just play useonename1: its har dto get lvl 2 first against draven useonename1: with his useonename1: q useonename1: xd muted useonename1: dont miss hooks useonename1: need help bot useonename1: blitz is inting useonename1: 0/3 useonename1: yea ur score useonename1: stop talking and play useonename1: how can you possibly think kai sa has the same early game damage as draven with janna useonename1: xd useonename1: haha 47 wr useonename1: 46 wr now? useonename1: 2/9 useonename1: do your thing useonename1: support tanking tower useonename1: 0 useonename1: atleast urs doesnt flame you and thinks kai sa is as strong as draven early game useonename1: says the 2/10 blitz useonename1: 2/11 useonename1: wtf useonename1: 'sorry i dont useonename1: have a support useonename1: mr 1/3 top useonename1: 60 farm useonename1: mr im 1v3 bot lane useonename1: its my fault we lost bot :) useonename1: Xd useonename1: 0/5 useonename1: 0/1/4 useonename1: hard not to die to useonename1: 7/3 useonename1: drave useonename1: i did xd useonename1: ur funny useonename1: typical kid who doesnt respect draven early useonename1: bc of your feed useonename1: blitz useonename1: go play ur rene top without skilshot useonename1: report blitz pls useonename1: everything is my fauly I dont really think myself that this is worth a ban and not at all if you look into the context. I have contacted riot support but they refuse to look into it and doesn't really care about it.
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