Hello, I used to really love this game, I still do. Biggest problem here is the community, but the way the community behaves is the way it is educated. One quick look at the forum and all you see is ban here, permaban there, reason this, reason that. Yes, I agree there should be bans/restrictions. There should be rules and they should be enforced. But not this way. You don't punish the victim 5 times and let the perpetrator go. What you've created right here is a hostile (NOT COMPETITIVE) environment. I'm not leaving because I want to, I'm getting bullied game after game, flamed 24/7 and trolled. Right, punish me all you want for losing to a fed Leblanc who's obviously smurfing in a normal game. Call it inting to justify yourself and put the blame on me. I'm done waiting hours and hours for an automated reply and getting abused over and over again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **CONTEXT** I received a chat ban about 300-400 games ago for calling someone thrash in a ranked game. He flamed me, provoked me and yes I lost my temper because i'm trying to climb. I ended up winning the game where my team died and I win through a split-push. After contacting customer support multiple times, I gave up and just took the punishment. I gave up ranked climb in plat III since I couldn't get any rewards anymore. Then I find out through the forums I can still get rewards if I increase my honor level to level. I spammed 10-30 games per day, constantly being positive and finally getting honor lvl2. The same day I ask on the forum when I get the reward, I get reported for inting. I agree I had a bad game, I got flamed loads, but I kept my head cool. (normal blind pick) Throughout the game I apologized and asked teammates to stop flaming. To my complete surprise i get a 14 day ban for inting. Of course I create a ticket, the bot answers, I ask for a human, I get a standard reply explaining why I'm banned. I explain I had a bad game, I was outmatched by a smurfing leblanc. I died often but that's due to snowballing at her part. Despite the fact I lost lane, I still tried, getting flamed all game long, just like riot likes it. After contacting customer support multiple times again, they decide getting a wombo-combo from LeBlanc every time I come to lane is punishable. I have apologized, to my team, multiple times and been more than polite to customer service. I've re watched the replay and explained why and how I died, but 100%->0% in 1 sec due to the fact she is fed and she outplayed me is not a good enough explanation. Despite being an exemplary behavior since my chat-ban you give a 14 day ban for having a bad game? Not even insulting people who flame me. Not surrendering but pushing through till the end. You shouldn't say you'll track my behavior in the future and inability to change can result in a permanent suspension, because you track nothing, otherwise you wouldn't be punishing me for a bad game like this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** FOR RANDOM PPL WHO WANT TO LAUGH AT MISERY** [Smurfing Leblanc]( [Support]( PS. cutting out names in paint, no naming & shaming. PS. No need to comment with deserved or undeserved because, Riot has final say anyway and they can't break the trust of their own community. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll check my mailbox every now and then for RIOT to set this right, but I'm done apologizing for a bad game. Clearly RIOT can now MIND-READ and knows my intentions better than me. Merry x-mas & happy new-year. Friendly Regards, Kyle
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