This is a waste of time.

I been playing league of legends since.....18 years I think, and I'm 28 years old right now. I seen a big part of evolution of the game, the new metas, the reworks, the new champions. I must say that I truly enjoyed a lot of aspects of the gameplays and the updates. But in the last years, it has all gone to s*******. It's no secret that league of legends is not as international as they made us believe. If we check the numbers, Only europeans (and maybe chinese) play the game on a daily or frequent basis. To make matters worse, a lot of "old players" left the game (And In old, I mean "experienced"). What did Riot do to solve the issue? Destroy the whole gameplay. Because the new generations of players are simply d**** as f***** and they can't be bothered to use their brain, riot gave them overpowered click to insta kill champions. Did that help anything or solve the issue at hand? Not, it just destroyed the game even more. No meta, no shit. That's what happens when you give a gun to a kid, you can't expect them to be able to use it properly. Because of that lack of people, the matchmaking has gone to hell, and with the excuses of "making the matchmaking more balanced" riot is forcing old veteran players with high elos, to play with new players or low elo players. I think they were on a LSD trip when the tought that was going to be a good idea at all. It didn't help new players win games, and it fustrated old players because they were put with people who couldn't play, and had a total lack of interested in playing. CLASH is the biggest proof of Riot being desesperate for fresh meat, fresh meat to be turned into PRO players, since the actually PRO players has been there for a while. And let me tell you already, that is going to be disasterous. People are making random teams to get the rewards, people are going to suck at playing like they been doing for a while. But this is all RIOT fault. They refused to do something to improve the whole situation, and instead decided to add some useless patch to the bleeding wound, infecting it during the process. And don't get me started on the whole gender issue thing. How not even the players, but RIOT itself handle like shit the whole woman pro playing thing. Like they literally tried to put a fake team of stupid models there, the heck is wrong with you, Riot?? There's always the issue of the mistery of what happens when you report someone. We had the judgement halls, but then RIOT got rid of it, with some "we are trying to improve the system" bullshit, and years later we are still waiting for this "update". Now you have the option of reporting someone, but you will never know if the player got punished or not. And for the big amount of troll and leavers that you find every game? It's clear that the reporting system is not working, it's just there like some kind of stupid placebo, so the player doesn't feel fully unprotected. For all this reason and others, I'm leaving league. I used to have a perfect match score, winning most of my games, since all I needed was a decent (not pro) team, since I always played support or Jungle. Now you lost games with a positive score, because your teammates think this is some kind of hack and slash bullshit, and decide to ignore your tips and pings. I felt like I lost a lot of time, trying to get a good ranked score, just to be put with the same people all over again. Goodbye community, and %%%% you Riot.
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