Today play was just pure sufering ...

So today ... My first game. WHOLE TEAM and even enemy team flamed like there was NO TOMOROW. Muted all and litelary reported single on in this game ... Ok next. And next one losed because Rengar did the same and ever were trolling... So i decided "Okay i want a relax then so i go ARAM at last for 1st win of a day" The same situation just in exception second game two flamed not just one. ***-----------------------------------------------------------------*** Being exceptional and good behaviour summoner is so rewarding -.- ... Today i been told - Id---, Noob, Unskilled, to get some deadly disases and ... well there i would end it because my Mute button started to work ... ***EDIT:*** To avoid arguing about my post, about how noob i am or anything what you are assuming i am just little kido. First off yes my english is bad. I am not a native speaker so. It will not be perfect or even nice. Yes i am not a kid i am 21 years old guy who love to play this game. And just get matched 9 out of 10 times with toxic players. Then i get flamed without reasson most of the time and it reflect on my performance. Why you ask? **BECAUSE I AM HUMAN** Like anyone who play this game. And i feel. I am not rethless killing machine. When someone flame me and i know i cant defend myself because i would violated summoner code it frustrates me. Because i let the person ofending me! And i even dont get thank you for reporting those people! So i go here to let you people cheer me up! And what do you do? Flame me and except the worst from me. Yes i was punished ONCE in 2013 and since then i was good behaviour and i even got Mystery gift from Riot in 2014 for good behaviour. And until today i am being told to be really good summoner to play with and they enjoy playing with me. I dont flame back. Next point is. **I DONT SAY EUNE OR THIS COMMUNITY OR ANYTHING IS BAD** What do i say is there is so many theards how system work but i more then freguently meeting flamers and people who ofend me regulary. Even if i won my lane. And i dont know if i am considered to be bad behaviour to be matched with people who get reported often or i dont know if i am doing something wrong. Last time i created a theard and get some good advices, so i use chat EVEN MORE friendly like that would be even posible. So yeah. ***So please dont judge when you dont know me I AM NOT SAINT but think i am not is LIAR and FLAMER ... And definetly i am not some random kid i am using league since second or third seasson. Thank you very much for reading!***
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