Why make your teammates feel bad about themselves?

I had to play a ranked game because I would have gone on a decay. So I did. Varus mid pointed out around 25 min that "impossible to win, top lost so hard, bot too". Just wanted to ask you guys, what is the point of saying things like these? It makes the laner go on tilt, makes them feel worse, makes them play worse and it is not useful information to write in chat at all. I decided to stand up for myself and told him that why is he negative and that he isn't making us play better with those words, but it was a waste of time, cuz ofc he didn't care. I cannot understand these people with their relatively high egos plus being negative like that. If anybody reads this and knows that he sometimes does the same, please JUST DON'T, IT DOESN'T HELP AT ALL. Thank you for reading this post and please tell me about your opinion about players like this and how do you deal with them! Have a nice day.
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