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Only my part of the story but when I logged in started game and saw I got ban I honestly didnt want to play anymore... Ok so i got ban chat for following games: 1st game Vi in my team said "I can't play because my lol is lagging from the last game and I have 3 fps in teamfight" after asking her why not not go try it in practice or vs bots or even in normal but to go and ruin ranked she said "f off" and flame war ensued - I get ban he destroyes games till today 2nd game - our bot feeds I'm winning top so I say to others try not to feed 1v1 and we can win. After im like 16 kills me and anivia from mid kinda carry and adc lags behind, flames us etc. Then i'm doing red he comes last hits it and proceeds to donate it to enemy lb. I wrote in chat "either ezreal will write that he is asshole and he is sorry or I'm not gonna go near him". I know it's childish but I just couldnt take it that it's not enough to carry him, he still has to be an ass. We won in the end. I got ban chat, he feeds and acts like an ass till today. 3rd game - our lee sin jungle says he is gonna farm till six (lol lee sin is early ganker, the later it is the weaker he gets, all the power he has comes from early ganks). But anyways I'm swain top help him leash red, I go away as to not miss creeps in lane and he starts flaming me for "shit leash", so I muted him promptly. I'm not even sure why i got ban this game maybe because I wrote "%%%% off" when lee was pinging me all the time or something. Even premade ZED he was with got angry in the end and said something along the lines "if you don't want to play with me you don't have to" I got chat ban he doesn't gank ultil 6 on lee sin till today. What I gather is that salty ppl reported me and I got chat on ban and they ruin games till today? I will get like 1 more ban on chat and I gather I'll get perma? I have this account since goddamned 2nd week of EU release and NOW after all these years (admittedly I quit lol for almost 2 years but I came back like a year ago) I'm gonna get permaban AND FOR CHAT? srsly? Do I really have to stop even trying to explain ppl like Lee why and how it's better to gank early from fear he gonna report me for one "f you" I say? I guess so... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} I mean sure I could be more "friendly" but how friendly can you get when someone just casually strolls in into ranked KNOWING FULL WELL his PC was acting up and instead trying it out first in more relaxed mode he strolls right into ranked to destroy game for 9 ppl. And then shittalks me for that? You want me to just bend over and take it riot... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} (edit) And also I've just read I'm not eligible for end of season rewards just great. Holy shit riot now I'm titled. Thx for reading though :P. Had to vent it before perma /mute all in ever game.

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