The League of Legends Community

There is no truthful way to deny that the League of Legends community has a bad reputation. When asked about it people reply with the words "horrible", "terrible", "so bad", "so toxic", "the most immature negative and verbally abusive community", is this really the way we want to be viewed? Now, not everyone in the community are like this, many are kind, helpful, sportsmanlike people, who make the games enjoyable! But the portion of the community that create this sense that the community is just a huge pile of hatred and toxicity, are really ruining the game for others. A large reason for this bad reputation is the toxicity, yes sometimes people intentionally feed, sometimes they troll, and it might not be fun for you to see the enemy team getting another kill, but there is no need to start flaming and making yourself as bad as they are, there is a reporting system in place that when people are reported under no false accusations, they are punished accordingly. So there is no need to be toxic to them in chat, it ruins the game for the other 8 people playing. Now, sometimes people make a stupid mistake, or many, and you may want to tell them "they are bad" because you feel they deserve to know, when in reality they do not. Instead, if they need anything, it is help to improve, someone to point out the mistake, in a non-abuse, non-toxic way, to allow them to be more careful and improve, like they are trying to do in the game, just are you are trying to do. The community has become so toxic that ranks have become insults, when that is not what they are. A person's rank is their current skill level, it is not something to be ashamed of, it is a starting point on which to improve on. It says "this is where I am the now, how can I improve to move up a division, then another, and another?!" It is not an "omg you bronze noob" insult for a silver player, for example, to say. Bullying someone in this way helps no one, it does not let the player improve, it creates a fixed mindset, and it is the entire reason why people are becoming stuck in their current rank! Come on people, we are an extremely large community, and we all have the same intention of improving at the game, improving at the climb, mastering those hard combos, dodging those skill shots, improving the KDA, and increasing the win rate. Help yourself to achieve this by helping others to do the same! Everyone is on the same boat, we are all looking to improve, some of us are a little ahead of others. This is a team based game, with the added factor of having its own community, we should be helping each other to improve, not bringing others down because they are not at the same level as us. If you are in a game and the enemy Cassiopeia ults your mid lane ally and they die, and then the same thing happens again and again, don't jump on the bandwagon and say "omg stop feeding noob" "report mid lane for feed, etc." It doesn't help, and they will continue making the same mistake over and over again. Instead, say something helping like "If you face away from her as she ults and it will slow instead of stun, then you will be able to fight her instead of just getting killed" lets them know the mistake they were making and they can watch out for it next time, and someone else on the team may have not known as well, therefore helping more than one player at a time. In turn, things like these will help your peers improve, you improve from their tips, and the enemy team not getting as fed by small mistakes that everyone is making. I find it hard to understand how in such a large community, where everyone has the same goal of improvement, that we can't all have the common decency to help each other out. Now think, do you really want to be viewed as a "horrible", "terrible", "bad", "toxic", "immature", "negative" and "verbally abusive" person, just by being a member of the community, or do you want to help change the communities reputation for the better?!
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