"pls kill ur self"

So, I've been playing LoL from the first season, And I've come across so many players who told me to "kill myself" because I've been performin not well enough. And it got me thinking. What if someone would actually end up killing him/herself after someone trashtalks? What if someone is having the worst day of their life and think "Ima play one game of league to cheer me up" and then they perform really badly (or they perform good but someone else doesn't like their playstyle) and their teammate gets frustrated and starts harassing them for it. My advice: Make harassing more serious threat to get yourself a ban. Maybe even ban some words, other than curse words. "kill yourself" "kill urself". Are these things okay to say to someone? Please respond and make League better place to enjoy yourself in. Enjoy yourself, don't kill yourself. Repost, because posted in wrong board! Edit: Typos corrected
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