How much should we endure this ?

Many will agree with me. It is impossible to play more than 2-3 games in this game, because after such games I only want to delete this game. Do you achieve this Riot, to cause us only aversion to the game ? Look at my first game. They gave me a team for the role of support for a dude who has this completely first game for ratings, before that, he played with bots and a little normal. And he immediately throws it into the AVG G4. WHY RIOT, WHY? I tried to win, and didn’t tell him anything, even when he ran at three rivals point blank, just to give the ult and die. By the way, you do not need to think that I insult him, he is just an example.[/img] What do you think, what feeling did I have from such a game, and when did I find out all this. Right ! I tilted. Now, look what happened to me in the next game. Dude takes Jax for the supporting role, and at the last second takes on the smite line, after loading, he starts to prove to us that all this is accidental and he did not want to. But begins to feed the enemy.[/img] Know, I would not have created this topic if it were the first time, or just a coincidence. I’m already tired of it, constantly in your team are some trolls that no one punishes. Even Riot themselves will troll you, giving players who obviously do not correspond to the rating they fall on. This is constantly !!!!!!! And I can give a 100% guarantee that not only do I have such games, everyone has them. How much should we endure this? What kind of sporting behavior can we talk about if you are constantly trolled? You know, if I constantly poke you with a needle, sooner or later you will hit me. And this is a normal human reaction, because you will not be pleased that you are constantly poked with a needle (unless of course you are a pervert) Sorry, but I’m not a pervert, and I’m not happy that someone is constantly trolling me. But Riot does not want to do anything about it. They came up with rules that limit us, and not protect us, from such players. Do you think I have a desire to play after such games? That's right, no! because I understand that nothing will change, and after what I wrote to you. After reading, you think, "Ha, another whiner came to complain." I just want to play this game normally.
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