Why took mine Honor Away? hmm

Hellow Everyone Iam ˆARAMˆ EUNE lvl soon (666lvl ) player and last few days was took mine Honor level and Got Message ban, All I said in game Was Report ASHE+1more player = because they where AFK. Then somebody from Enemy team Wrote I am toxic to then and gonna be reported. Game before that Enemy team spam on all chat They wanna report Inting nasus for feed and being noob,. I did try defend him and oF Toxic premades Reported me of nasus , Then I recived Massage ban and took mine HOnor lvl 5. For what reason????? Also Looong time ago I wrote for support where I Wrote I had Bought Elementalist Lux but I did Wanted RP back and wanted use mine Point, After that Rito Did split 1 skin into 3 parts. I am really happy I made the screenshot. https://postimg.cc/dL51KmR3 Ofcourse I coudlnt use Skin or get RP If anyone had same problem Just reply how did you fix that issue :D thanks and good luck HOPE MINE TOPIC WONT BE IGNORED! AND SORRY FOR BROKEN ENGLISH - NEVER BEEN LEARNING ENG IN SHOOL JUST ONLINE

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