This game needs a "never queue with this player" button

We've all had this experience: you have a decent team comp and you're more or less evenly matched, but this one guy on your team refuses to communicate, does not ping, does not ward, lets you die in order to get the kill, goes alone on dragon with no vision and the entire enemy team ss etc. While I have always been partial to the idea that the community should learn from each other and teach others how to perform better on their characters, there are a few restrictions: first and foremost you can't spend eternity typing when you're trying to farm or make plays. I can't teach a support teemo in bronze (which in itself is horrendous enough) how to play well if I don't have time to communicate with him or her, and without an integrated teamspeak I can't do this. The second reason is simple: people don't listen. Even the most delicately worded constructive criticism is labeled as "flaming", especially when you have a rotten kda from the new fabulous matchmaking which gives you a team of yourself and 4 s5 bronze vs a team with 2 s5 gold and 3 s5 silver. Now I enjoy playing ranked more than I enjoy playing normals, mostly because of the increased chance of actually getting a lane I feel comfortable with, but mostly because ranked actually carries a measurable reward, as opposed to normals that just give you IP and a new way to show off (i.e. mastery points - I could go on for ages about how a substantial part of the community goes postal if you're not level 5 on a champ), but lately I find that the joy of ranked play is simply lost on me because of the utter lack of team focus. I know that there's no easy way to fix it, and people keep telling me that "if you're better than bronze then just carry your team" - mostly from people in plat or diamond. Well, I'm not plat or diamond. When I started playing ranked I was placed in silver, and I know after som 100-odd games that this is where I belong. As a casual player I have no ambition to reach gold in s6, I simply do not have the skill or the time to dedicate myself to improving enough. But: after being placed in bronze this season (after playing provisionals exclusively with s5 bronze, what's up with that) I find that no matter the plays and no matter the positive attitude I just find myself alone and frustrated for one reason in particular - the one I started this post with. I would like the opportunity to flag people so that I never have to queue with them again. Since I got to bronze there's been that one person every game who outright refuses to recognize that LoL is a team effort, and I have no way of reporting them other than clicking the "negative attitude" button and say "they're not helping the team hurr durr sob", and frankly; I don't think that does anything except maybe giving a chat restriction every 100 games (correct me if I'm wrong). Don't get me wrong: I would never report someone simply for being unskilled, and I could never figure out why in the world that was an option for reporting in the first place (except maybe eloboosting), but when people think they're playing CS and that they can go solo on anything I really, desperately want to go afk and do something useful with my life. I never do, but I still want to. So please, Riot: I get it that you think I belong in bronze this season. I can live with that, as I'm a casual player just trying to have some occasional fun when I have time off from work. I get that you want everyone - even the very unskilled ones - to be a part of the game and the community, and I support this opinion wholeheartedly. I get that you want players to teach each other and learn from each other - and that's what makes introducing your friends to LoL rewarding for me. But what I don't get is why I have to be forced to be completely and utterly useless for 40 minutes because of that one guy who actively bombards the team effort. I want a button that demands no explanation, that just says "I don't want to play with this guy ever again", and I'd happily spend 20 minutes queueing every single ranked game if that's what it takes for me to play with a team that says "oh well, we tried but the other team did play better, and that's fair and square, ggwp, honor our leona plz". In short: I want to lose games because my opponents are better than me, not because a member of my team refuses to aknowledge the intention of LoL gameplay. Please give me that back.
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