the answer to all problems - 18+ adult mode where u can flame

The simple answer to all of riot problems i think is just create two seperate modes for ranked and normal, for 18+ adult. In every game i ever played you found some idiots that love to flame but it's so bad in lol because you can report a person for it. believe it or not i honestly think the report button is the reason we have so much flame if u do anything wrong it''s like i will report you mofo. If you had a mode where people were open to flame each other and swear and you should accept that and be over a certain age and agree to those conditions i think people would not lose their accounts of 3 years because they got angry. if a flamer had the chance to play another flamer with no report option and both accepting to be flamed and understanding it's just words and are adults i think they would both be fine. people who are sensitive to flame can play in an environment that does not allow flame under any circumstances people who are NOT sensitive to flame, insults swearing can play among others of their kind without having the threat of loosing an account they spent money on or hundreds or thousands of hours on. this for my peeps who understand where i'm coming from p.s i have never been banned or punished and this is a smurf account im preparing incase i ever do get banned on my main. I suggest this coz people do get angry or frustrated or tilt from time to time some of us are angels and dont but some do so their should be a option to protect those people.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} also i know my name is ironic to the post
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