14 day suspension for getting annoyed at AFK teammates

I really try to be positive in my games because i got chat banned earlier, but when people in my games just go afk for 10 minutes and come back when the game is lost saying, Man i don't care its just a normal game, or just never coming back at all i find it really hard to remain calm. If you see my chat logs you will see i'm not asking people to die or anything or flaming extremely hard. I got a 14 day suspension because i got annoyed at an AFK teammate in 3 games. Do you guys think this ban is deserved? Game 1 Huma136: dont get mad when i suck irelia Huma136: kungle Huma136: o god Huma136: st Huma136: im bad adc Huma136: told you i didnt want to play adc Huma136: but this ire;ia Huma136: well just farm Huma136: we cant win this lane Huma136: caitlyn outranges me so hard Huma136: to much poke Huma136: its open Huma136: ff Huma136: yeah this is lost Huma136: nice help irelia Huma136: reprot this irelia Huma136: report Huma136: 0 gank Huma136: noob jungle Huma136: nice afk Huma136: ff Huma136: its lost Huma136: yeah look Huma136: al towers gone Huma136: lissandra big report Huma136: idc Huma136: ff this game Huma136: lissandra lost it Huma136: lol say that to riot Huma136: 9X report Huma136: she is afk Huma136: while she is afk we lost 5 towers Huma136: i dont play adc Huma136: or maybe Huma136: the fault of the instalocker Huma136: you are afk Huma136: im reporting you for afk Huma136: i dont care if you are sorry i still report you Huma136: so dont start a game Game 2 Huma136: ty Huma136: ez Huma136: yes Huma136: ?? Huma136: come mid kayn Huma136: ff Huma136: ez 2v1 Huma136: ff Huma136: pleaes Huma136: 3 mid all the time Huma136: 15 Huma136: plz Huma136: AGAIN NO URGOT SS Huma136: man Huma136: reported Huma136: irelia is more mid then top Huma136: jesus Huma136: still more farm Huma136: idiot Huma136: fking tryhard yasuo mains in normals Huma136: ez is afk in base Huma136: report ezreal pelase Huma136: so? Huma136: ezreal is afk in base Huma136: im not flaming Huma136: sure Game 3 Huma136: ok vayne Huma136: so when i put my walls Huma136: you use your E to throw them in the wall Huma136: i swaer its op Huma136: sure Huma136: so safe farm till lvl 3 Huma136: remake? Huma136: remake Huma136: lol Huma136: yeah this game is lost Huma136: ziggs jungle is complete troll Huma136: and for some reason i get oneshotted Huma136: yeah im reporting you Huma136: y tho Huma136: yeah reprot ziggs Huma136: well you dide is your own fault Huma136: died Huma136: tf Huma136: tf 12 c Huma136: o so being afk is an excuse now Huma136: sure Huma136: so what Huma136: you break the rules Huma136: ggwp Huma136: ggwp Huma136: lol sure report veigar Huma136: rpert ziggs constant flame and trollpick
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