This happens to me EXTREMELY rarely as i do not get offended or "hurt" at all, pretty much. But i just had a game where we basically took 4 kills in a mutual invade in our jungle. Everything was fine until it wasn't. See, i'd usually look at these situations and almost always look at them superficially, without any depths in knowledge whatsoever. But now i am beginning to understand that sometimes, under whichever circumstances, some things can "hurt" more than insults or the basic flame. I was basically trying to help my bot lane at the 7-8 minute. I was in the middle of going to my lane, just around the Dragon. There was a "big" minion wave coming from the enemy, and my minions and theirs were fighting **IN THE MIDDLE**. As i was approaching and thinking : "Wow, i'll get so much gold!" - Shyvana (our jungler) decided to ruin all of that and selfishly take all of the minions on my mid lane. No, my turret was NOT attacked by them, and no, i was literally THERE, so saying how she "might have thought" that i won't make it in time or whatever is complete BS. As she took all of those minions, i decided to turn to a play style where i am farming in the jungle. Once i confronted her (before all of this) she had audacity to flame me without any apparent reason, so a little bit of crossfire or should i say "revenge" wasn't very bad. We lost, and while i was feeling the proudest i could about the fact that she lost the game, i also began to understand how much of a lying, manipulative bish she was in the chat as she was telling me "she was pushing my lane" and that "minions were attacking my turret. So i was like : Now, yes, this is like the WORST reason for me to do this, as i was also in my series. You can look at this situation as minor or the fact that i fooled myself (jinxed etc..), but see, i have my moments too, and her having one kill over me and still acting bishy is what made me do what i did. And no, i do not regret my decision. I lost my promo to this (HAHA), but rightfully i did so. And since i never do these kind of things, and i mean it, over three years : Gomen'asai.
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