RANT: Keep your flippin question mark pings to yourself

When you get 5 auto filled adc's in a row. When your next adc goes 0/6/4 after calling you a noob. When you go 11/0/8 as support, do most damage and take MVP, but the Fizz on your team with the 4th highest damage yet 2nd most kills accuses you of kill stealing. Sorry matey I've had enough of trusting you monkeys to do your jobs, and if your champ wasn't so broken you'd probably look even worse. This tilting rubbish is vexing, but it pales in comparison to the endless question mark pings after they made a flippin mistake. We just saw Rengar run into that bush, you face checked it, immediately. You died, don't ping me! You just saw on the ward, all 5 team members waiting for us, you ran in to 1v5, I didn't follow. Don't ping me. It's always the worst players they have the most blame to dish out, funny that. You tilting mother lovers can all get muted, you drive me nuts. And exhale. /me Feels a little better.

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