People are weird

Just a couple of stories from some recent vs ai matches, which as far as I am aware, are just used for practice and are not taken seriously(yeah....). I've been wanting to practice some adc champs but when i start the matches 2 or 3 people insta lock on an adc, so i just go akali. In one game, the game was nearly over and me and Brand go 2v4. I burst one down and Brand finishes him off. now everything but my ult is on cooldown and I have 3 champs attacking me, so i hit heal and ran away. Brand stayed and died and said, f*** Akali omg. What exactly did he expect me to do? In last match, Draven DCed at the start. he reconnected when everyone was lvl 6 or 7 and joined my lane. Without him asking, I let him take all the cs and when I attacked a champ, if they survived my burst, I let him finish them off so he can catch up. He recognised what I was doing and thanked me and honoured me after the game. Later in the same game.... Ashe was fighting somebody, can't remember who, but it looked close, they were doing about the same damage to each other plus enemy Amumu was walking over, so while enemy was at half health, I Qed and ulted and they died, and Ashe was like wtf, and a load of question marks appeared on screen... was that considered to be a ks? She got the Amumu kill after I burst him down, which bothered me not a bit. If she got both kills, I wouldn't have cared because it was a bot game and we were winning easily. Like the title says, people are weird.
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