Banning People for using game mechanis YOU made? Are you serious? I don't even know what to say to this outrage. So, people found a creative way to use a gamemode, that doesn't violate ANY rules in the summoners code that I am aware of, and **YOU BAN THEM FOR IT??** Riot, YOU made this gamemode. YOU designed the mechanics. Not them...YOU. Yes, what they did wasn't fun to their opponents. But neither is a Tryndamere Splitpush, or playing against a Teemo. So whats next? Are we banning people now because their way of playing the game FEELS frustrating to someone? Cool, I look forward to seeing basically everyone banned, simply for winning games. You should be ashamed for this Riot! The only reason why they could play Ascension this way, was because of the way the gamemode was designed! And who designed it? #YOU DID! If there is an extremely frustrating, un-intuitive, unforseen way to play a gamemode that you are not okay with, then **IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIX IT, NOT BANNING PEOPLE FOR PLAYING THE GAME IN A WAY THE GAME IS ALLOWING THEM TO PLAY!**
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