Being flamed by players with more than One account

I'm a gold 4 player with my one and only account and recently i got banned. it because of there are many high elo players with many smurf accounts and they lit so toxic and flame me in a bad manner. they don't care if they get banned since its not their main account. but unfortunately if we say a single word its us who gets punished. how can we stay calm if this keep happening every single day?? i don't know if you guys can bear but how can you bear if someone flames your parents? will you stay quite? you would for first few days but if its keep happening? what would you do? i have been so much patient with those players. muted them many times but there is no limit. so i had to talk to the riot regarding my ban and their solutions is "We can't do anything about it". Had to put so much effort to climb to gold and just like that its all gone? is this fair guys? - They have to limit accounts per person - If those player only have One account they won't flame anyone because they don't want their account to get banned right? that's how it should be rather than giving them a chance to create more than one account. if those players need more than one account RIOT should monitor those accounts thoroughly. Otherwise do you think this circle of flame will ever end? no it won't... it will keep going till the end. players can keep creating accounts, Rich people can buy accounts, Riot game promoters get free accounts. What happens to the poor players? what happens to middle class once? (oh yea they are getting banned from the system) yes fair and a good solution riot. i fight for my account because i'm so disappointed, angry and frustrated that i lost it because of those brain damaged people who flamed me. Here i'm not saying i'm a good guy but i do admit that i also flamed those players back when i couldn't bear it for the millionth time. those riot support team says they can understand me, same time they are saying they can't do anything about it.. what kind of solution is that?

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