Im done whit people like this in game, and riot not doing ANYTHING ABOUT IT.. Why every time players can insult and be sexist whit me saying horrendus stuff.. Insulting my family, me couse im a female and banning my champ in champ-sel saying ''females can't play that champion'' REALLY?. Why? why can't they get banned? even tho i reported him.. I REPORT THEM BUT NOTHING HAPPEN WHY?. YOU WONDER WHY PEOPLE FLAME? COUSE U DON'T TAKE ACTION FFS... I HAVE ABUSIVE PARENTS AND BULLIES IN SCHOOL , AND SINCE I LOVE THIS GAME I PLAY THIS. THEN I START GETTING INSULTED EVEN HERE, EVEN THO THERE IS A REPORT BUTTON THAT DOSENT WORK..Females are treathed like shit in this game, you shold know that. im so angry whit riot..Im so done..
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