When will autofillers learn what's supposed support to do?

I really hate games where players who don't wanna play support are going to play {{champion:1}} ,{{champion:54}} ,{{champion:76}},{{champion:10}} explain me what stuff do they have in their kit to keep adc safe {{champion:54}} have only real cc on ult,{{champion:76}} have no cc at all and her heal is so low to help adc,{{champion:1}} she have to stack 4 spells to get real cc and her spell range is low that she's lucky not to get caught by {{champion:53}} when doing Q on enemy adc,{{champion:10}}, have only heal on W which is too low,reducing armor with Q and her ult is only usable if your adc have good damage to takedown their adc.Champs that can work as supp and are played in my opinion are {{champion:14}} ,{{champion:32}} ,{{champion:99}} ,{{champion:3}} ,{{champion:98}} ,{{champion:57}} {{champion:103}} ,{{champion:9}} ,{{champion:63}},{{champion:61}} becasue they have more or less enough stuff in their kit to keep adc safe which is main job of support.
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