Barring Ranked for unskilled players, the soft way.

Let me tell you something about myself: I am fine with a player just having a bad day/week/month; on the other hand I'm never going to be fine with little kids trolling right off the bat or sissy quitters that call a FF vote at 15 minutes into the game with an overall score of 2-0 for the enemy team and then afk if it doesn't pass. During the previous 2 seasons, where this issue had become paramount, RIOT has moved a few steps, but to my personal opinion, there's room for improvement. Like barring certain players from playing a ranked match until they meet simple requirements. Why is this necessary? Well, have you ever had an Ivern support with smite, basically playing like a second, insignificant jungler, cost you an othetwise free win? How about a "first time *insert champion* " that manages to get EVERYTHING wrong: masteries and runes, build, spell lvl up order, feeds a Jax or a Fiora out of his ass so they steamroll your entire team in under 15 minutes? Or maybe the pure and simple blockhead whatever-laner with tunnel vision, completely unable or unwilling to so much as shoot a passing glance at the minimap and notice the presence of 4 other people that, up to that point, had to play 4v5? This is why. Because you want to play with regular, clear-headed players more interested in winning rather than BM the enemy, insult and disrerspect their teammates or downright play to their detriment. Let me be clear: being a clueless deadweight without the first idea how to win a match isn't a crime, nor a reportable offence. Anyone can suck. But it IS however reason enough to bar these players from playing ranked for a while; a place where the majority of people actually TRY their best to win. How long a while? Simple: _**until you win a normal game on any champ with grade A or better**_. And just like league demotions, in case you drop your grade below B- you get 3 provisional games, each one a chance to earn the ticket to stay: grade A or better. In case you fail, well, we'll see you when you do get it! Thoughts and ideas?
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