I'm out

Few problems in ranked: 1. 1st time champs selected as if it were casual normals 2. When autofilled supp, people play troll picks like Teemo or Shaco and even Lux (also first time). And no, Lux is NOT supp! :) 3. Nobody plays their mains, they read on some hidden website that X counters Y and they play it without actually knowing their champ. 4. Too much grieving, spamming the surrender option every damn ocasion after 15 minutes, being the only one who hits NO and eventually we surrender cause after 20 min you can't "win" a vote against other 4 YES-ers. Basically this is it, until rito fixes the above mentioned issues in ranked, i quit. Especially point number one, i can't stress enough how important it is and people who are competitive enough and understand ranked plays will know what I mean. These are the real problems of this game right now, not toxics, not flamers, not inters. These are only consequences of root problem - people play ranked like it's another ARAM or casual URF/normal blind picks and such :) Good luck to you all, who try to "get better at the game" with 3/15 first time Yi jungle or autofilled supp Lux feeding every single minute of the game. It just comes a time when you had enough of this BS and wait for the enjoyable period of this game, if it ever comes. Bye!
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