My LoL Name is my real name

Hey Guys! :D You might think I'm a troll or something similar, and as you can see, my summoner name is "xXx %%% You xXx". The thing is, my real name is %%%kran Youssefi, so my friends always made fun of this similarity in my name with "F*** You". Not in a negative way ofc, but it's kind of silly and funny at the same time I think :) Anyway, I love to have my real name somehow involved in my in-game names in various online games, but I feel like I represent myself. However, someone during a game said I would get permanent banned for this name? How can I get permanent banned for having my own name? Is this true? :( I hope you are all having a wonderful day/evening/night! Best Regards %%%kran Y.
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