I got perm banned and I don't get why it's not only a chat restriction

I recently got permanently banned for flaming a zed. I don't get why I got the perm ban all the things i said was about zed the champ. If I get unbanned I'm probably gonna ban zed 100% procent of the time instead of draven. Here is are the chats: Game 1 In-Game pieterflieter: zed pieterflieter: vieze homo pieterflieter: i thought we were dancin pieterflieter: but you, beign the %%%got tha%%%ou are tried to hit a q on me pieterflieter: ez pieterflieter: your playing zed pieterflieter: you're a tard champ pieterflieter: you just ult+e and get a kill pieterflieter: and you say sona is a tard champ pieterflieter: you %%%% pieterfli%%%%: zed stfu pieterflieter: you should be dead already pieterflieter: karma stfu yourself pieterflieter: if i want to flame that %%%%%% playing %%%%%%m going to do that pieterflieter: stfu pieterflieter: i hope your mom is an antivaxxer pieterflieter: so you die faster pieterflieter: karma stop crying pieterflieter: omfg pieterflieter: just stfu pieterflieter: ezreal is doing all the work pieterflieter: and ss zed btw pieterflieter: no pieterflieter: not for you pieterflieter: dum dum pieterflieter: your mom is too fed too pieterflieter: she's fat pieterflieter: zed pieterflieter: stfu pieterflieter: your luck pieterflieter: ofcourse pieterflieter: e pieterflieter: you just ult e me pieterflieter: and i'm dead pieterflieter: and they say zed is skillchamp pieterflieter: skillchamp my ass pieterflieter: you even need your jungler pieterflieter: pfffff pieterflieter: one v one me zed pieterflieter: karma stfu pieterflieter: nobody asked you something pieterflieter: and it's betweem me and zed pieterflieter: and karma is %%%%%%ed pieterflieter: we all hav%%%%%%ial things pieterflieter: karma is braindead pieterflieter: or at least acts like that pieterflieter: kai sa pieterflieter: stfu pieterflieter: you suck pieterflieter: why are you asking so much question pieterflieter: yes i want help pieterflieter: give me a razor pieterflieter: so i can cut my own wrist pieterflieter: kai sa don't feel good about yourself kai sa is broken champ pieterflieter: look at your team pieterflieter: zed, yi, ahri, nocturne and kai sa pieterflieter: al broken champs pieterflieter: if abused pieterflieter: you filthy people pieterflieter: karma it's not bad if it happens to zed pieterflieter: ;) pieterflieter: i'm harking these coins pieterflieter: we have to put aside our differences and work togheter karma pieterflieter: let's flame the enemies togheter :D pieterflieter: sry pieterflieter: %%%%% pieterflieter: col pieterflieter: ez pieterfli%%%%% nop pieterflieter: he need dead pieterflieter: togheter we win pieterflieter: with the power of flaming pieterflieter: NOOB ZED pieterflieter: AHAHAHAH pieterflieter: YOU MADE MISTAKE pieterflieter: GRAVE MISTAKE pieterflieter: xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd pieterflieter: LOOK UR FACE NOOB pieterflieter: xddddd pieterflieter: LOL pieterflieter: WE ARE LOSING pieterflieter: XDDDDDDDDDDDD pieterflieter: stay togheter pieterflieter: so noc doesn't ult pieterflieter: kanker pieterflieter: nocturne=noobchamp pieterflieter: change my mind pieterflieter: zed is noobchamp to pieterflieter: change my mind pieterflieter: noob team pieterflieter: %%%% you guys pieterflieter: zed noob Post-Game pieterfli%%%%: i dont like nocturne pieterflieter: and zed pieterflieter: >:( pieterflieter: i'm going to play roblox pieterflieter: %%%% this pieterflieter: or minecraft pieterflieter: but no fortni%%%%hough Game 2 In-Game pieterflieter: I'm coming pieterflieter: and it comes good pieterflieter: say yes pieterflieter: kanker op pieterflieter: JAX STOP WHINING pieterflieter: %%%%ING ATTENTION WHORE pieterflieter: just stfu pieterflieter: useless%%%%eterflieter: you play jax pieterflieter: wtf pieterflieter: noob champ pieterflieter: int fiddle pieterflieter: that's why pieterflieter: now happy pieterflieter: come kill me pieterflieter: rep jax pieterflieter: noob I acctually really hope I get unbanned because i spent money on this game and a LOT of time. If I don't get unbanned I would like a refund on all my purchases. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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