Just reached Gold 5

So after a lot of lost promotions, a lot of good and bad games, managed to get to gold 5 from bronze 2. And there was the only thing that helped me to climb - improving my self behaviour. Nothing helped me, high elo friends, good premades or just being lucky, I allways were struggling to climb higher, instead of that i was going down and down and down. And few days ago, I just thouht if i don't deserve to climb, let it be. I thought I'll just be positive, and guess what? After 5 won games in a row - it paid off! Went from silver 4 to gold 5 in 3 days with only 2 losses, got 4 skin rewards just for being "That" guy, but most important I got 18 most amazing new friends is my friend list! Just thanking you guys that you never gave up even after 5 dragons and 2 barons down, never losing hope, being such a awesome people! It was a pleasure to meet YOU, thank you for helping improve my behaviour and myself just by getting randomly matched :)
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