no one is playing to win combined with ppl just plainly leaving and/or trolling

every single game i have players who does not take ranked serious, they initiate ALL fights and loose 90% of those fights, just for the fun of it.. i've just played 2 games after a long break, cause i was FED UP with trolls and ppl ultra-instant-feeding in every lane i was not present. so these two games were hell... pure hellfire in my eyes and heart. I AM DONE. Can i delete an account? Riot is doing nothing else, than taking all their Lux-skins-money to the bank, laughing at the players trying to climb.. trying to take games seriously. Because EVERYONE else seem to be full on playing for giggles in ranked play. no one want to win, ppl leave, ppl troll, ppl practise in ranked games. HOW can you not do something about a issue this simple? BAN (for X days/months) AND DELETE PPL'S ACCOUNT AFTER 1 WARNING! simple as that, but oh.. you cant do that can you.. NO YOU CANT.. cause who will then play your game? who will buy skins? who will now sponsor ur game in any way, when u lose 45% of your playerbase? 4/10 are trolling, flaming, practising new champs, afking, leaving - and those 4 are usually on my team lately.. :P but sometimes on the enemy's team, and then it is a FREE win. i havent had a close-game in ages. and i was in top-platinum, you would think ppl would play to win here? to get to diamond, but no.. ppl now know, that they can piss off every1 in the game and NOT face any consequences, unless they do it in 500+ consequtive matches. bye riot, im glad i made it to diamond last season
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